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U. Subrahmanya, AVP Sales & Marketing (TIMF)

I have returned from trip yesterday as per the schedule.
It was a good, memorable trip & we enjoyed it fully. I thank you very much for the arrangements,
which is definitely had professional touch at every stage and very comfortable for us.

Nicolas Mueller (Northlight Group, London)

Many thanks for organising our trip in India and your kind help all through our stay.
You made our trip seamless and all the more enjoyable and we felt in safe hands throughout our journey.
I'll be very happy to recommend you and please extend our thanks to the rest of your team.

D Ravichandran

The trip arrangement was excellent.Travel arrangement , Guide and tour itinerary also excellent.
Thanks for your effort and made our trip was very much enjoyable.

R Gururajan

Thank you for arranging Netherland visa, which has come about earlier than anticipated.
My appreciation to you & your organization for the excellent service rendered in this instance.

Morgan Gilbreath

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and Parry Travels for helping me arrange an amazing and beautiful trip to India. Everything was extremely well organized and I enjoyed my time immensely! I really appreciate your help. Also, I cannot say enough great things about the driver, Mr. Narinder. He was a great driver and an incredibly kind, generous, prompt, and knowledgeable individual who made my trip! I would recommend him for any future tours or other opportunities.

Thank you again for everything! If I or anyone I know ever goes to India again, I will most definitely recommend Parry travel and Mr. Narinder to them to ensure a wonderful trip.


Last week I took my family to Jordan on a short vacation and all the arrangements were done by your people at Parry Travels . It was a trip given to me by Coromandel International as I was at Foskor between 2005 and 2010 and it was a recognition given by the company . Originally I was supposed to go to swiss but I changed my plan to go to Jordan to meet my affordability.

The people at Parry Travels M/s Shankar , Prabakaran , Solomon and Paul Pedrock coordinated with my tickets , visas , arrangements and all the works were done in a very short period of time I would say within a week . The trip was very enjoyable and what was good in that trip was - It appealed to our intellect and soul . I really want to thank Parry Travels and your people for the excellent service rendered to me.

I can even assist you marketing Jordan as I had worked in that country way back in 1997 . It is a very apt destination for vacation.

K. BALAJI, Vice President & SH-TN - Consumer Finance Division

The Trip to London & Scotland was excellent and the entire team of IBL totally enjoyed the trip.

I would like to record our appreciation on behalf of INUDSIND TEAM that the trip was "very well organised" and throughout the trip there was no hic-ups whatsoever.